One thought at 50

I turn 50 today. I’m pretty relaxed about it, but it does feel like something of a milestone. I had thought I might do a ’50 thoughts at 50′ post but, let’s face it, I’d struggle to get to 50 and I doubt you’d want to read them. In musing it, though, I realised there’s only … Continue reading “One thought at 50”

Some reflections

Things I’ve learned a few months on from losing my Dad.

Lessons from Dad: Prologue

This is my Dad, John. That’s me on his lap, my Mum and my brother. Dad died, unexpectedly and very suddenly, last Wednesday, the 10th January. We’re not sure exactly why, as yet, but will have the coroner’s report soon so I’ll keep you updated. (We now know that it was a pulmonary embolism and … Continue reading “Lessons from Dad: Prologue”


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