My new favourite iPhone app

I caught the Gadget Show on TV last night and the team named their five favourite mobile applications. The only one I could remember this morning was the Photoshop Mobile app for the iPhone. It's free and it's a beauty, allowing for a decent selection of very quick and easy tweaks to photos taken with the iPhone (or stored on it).

Mucking around with a pic I took on the phone a couple of weeks back near Leicester Square (my little boy loves Minis, particularly racing ones) I quickly knocked up the different versions you can see here. The original pic is the first.

Lovely little application.

3 thoughts on “My new favourite iPhone app”

  1. Mate, have you tried the Hipstamatic app? It’s a few quid as opposed to the free Photoshop one but great japes.
    Hope all is well with you.

  2. @mikecoulter showed it to me when I bumped into him the other week (and my Twitter profile pic is the one he took when we did)…then my brother emailed me about it…I haven’t bought it yet but am thinking I will.

    All is very good thanks – hope it is with you too.

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