Came to this last night from Phil Nash via Ben's re-tweet .

It's Football3s: real-time in-game fantasy football. Basically, it works like this. Before a game being shown live on TV (like last night's FA Cup replay between Liverpool and Reading) you sign up to Football3s and select three players from the 22 playing in the match. You get points for different player activity (scoring, assisting, tackling, saves, completed passes, shots, etc etc) and you can make three substitutions during the game. Your game screen shows you others that are also playing and you can chat with them live. The highest points scorer at the end of the match wins £100. Simple, and genius. Social TV.

It's easy to see how online gambling could become a core part of the commercial face of social TV. We're already seeing virtually real-time odds being given during the half-time commercial breaks of live TV football matches and companies such as Betfair promote fan-to-fan betting exchanges which cut out the bookies. It's not a great leap to see real-time in-game sports betting taking place not just about the final result, but what's going on at the time. Penalty gets awarded…within seconds I've found someone who'll give me odds on it being missed, or which way the keeper will dive. It's not just football of course, and live sport (or live event) could become a huge real-time betting exchange (general election night could be huge).

It's a massive potential revenue-generator and, as we all know, it's often gambling (or porn) which drives development of online innovations.

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