Well would you believe it. Rory from the Beeb thinks that Boxee – the gadget that allows you to bring the internet to your telly – was the highlight of CES (or at least the best from the Last Gadget Standing bit of CES).

He said of Boxee:

"…a device that could do what few in the tech industry have managed – make Apple's rival product look distinctively second best. The Boxee Box does something that is going to be a big obsession in 2010 – it takes the internet and puts it in your telly. There are plenty of other ways of getting internet content onto TV but they are either hopelessly complicated or, in the case of Apple TV, much too restricted. The Boxee Box lets you take all sorts of good web video stuff – from YouTube to the BBC iPlayer – and view it on your television using an interface that, in the words of the firm's marketing man Andrew Kippen "even a zebra could use." Plus there's a remote with a full keyboard if you really want to do your e-mail from the TV. He told me afterwards that the device was going to launch at $199 in the US in the first half of the year. But when would it come to Britain?

"We see all the developments that are going on in the UK and the movement of media online in that country makes it easy for Boxee to work there and we're eager to get there and start selling devices soon."

Posted via email from The Social TV Project