More on the live TV debates that will be staged in advance of next year's general election in The Guardian this morning. I think we need a 'Rumble in the Jungle/Thriller in Manila'-type descriptor for them…Belligerence on the Box perhaps?

As mentioned before, these should be huge social TV events next year. Whether some level of social media gets integrated into the programme itself will be interesting to see, but there'll surely be loads of chatter about the relative performance of each participant during the debates across the social networks. Such specific focal points for opinion and conversation about the election will also mean a wealth of data to analyse. It'll be interesting to see whether a measure of the buzz around the debates proves a more accurate gauge of public sentiment than the more traditional polls. I also imagine we can expect any number of YouTube mash-ups after the debates. Lovely.

Cameron thinks the debates "can enliven our democracy" and I tend to agree (much needed too, I'd say). I also agree with the Labour strategist quoted as saying: "We are not naive. We know that physical appearance, demeanour and how our man looks whilst other candidates talk will be as important to viewers as what he says."

Can't wait.


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