Here's what's caught my eye in the reader this morning…

I'm quite excited by the London bike hire scheme, due to launch next summer (not least because they're proposing to put a docking station very near the flat I use in London). The pricing's been announced and it looks quite reasonable, though the penalties for late return, damage and loss are pretty severe! And why they haven't integrated it with the Oyster card system I'll never know.

A couple of F1 links from the BBC. First, there's a new scoring system proposed for next year…I think it'll make it harder to win the championship without also winning a good number of races, which is a good thing. I'm presuming it also applies to the constructor's championship as well, which means that a team with a race-winning car and two decent drivers (umm…McLaren?) could romp away with the constructor's prize early on in the season. Less of a good thing. Also, good to see that Renault will continue as a team in 2010…even after the race-fixing scandal last season. Perhaps there's hope for Tiger yet!

Bobbie Johnson's started a look back at the last 10 years of technology. Should be interesting…his look at 2000 jogs some memories, but no mention of the hugely anti-climatic (thankfully) Millennium Bug.

Wired always delivers a couple of pieces of interest. There's a review of my dream camera (Santa: "Not a chance, pal") and there's a funny little piece about the "recurring-joke-as-a-theme" website. Includes a couple of personal favourites – Fu*k You, Penguin and FAIL blog – but oddly doesn't include links to them all.

Finally, Rouleur – home of fantastic cycling photography (such as the pic here) and words – has a new look website. I'm gutted I'm missing its print sale

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