I've decided to start doing a round-up of stuff that catches my eye in my Google Reader feeds. It'll probably be irregular and may even die a death, but let's see. It'll also be an eclectic mix of content as I have an eclectic mix of feeds.

So, today there's a handy guide to sharpening a cook's knife from Wired. I do a fair bit of cooking, and a really sharp knife is a delight. Sadly, I don't sharpen mine as often as I should and have never really mastered the technique. Tim Brown, boss of brilliant design company IDEO, discusses applying the concept of 'design thinking' across all business sectors. I love it. Exports of Scotch whisky have held up well during the recession. Hey, we drink in good times, we drink in bad. A Colman's advert entirely made from meat deconstructed by a butcher (Colman's English mustard is one of life's great pleasures). From The Guardian, a look at Personas, which takes your online identity and creates a beautiful barcode from it. It's lovely. The brilliant vintage bike people at Tour de Ville (where the pic above comes from) point to the work on Bonavia Cycles, one of London's custom bike frame builders. It's an ambition of mine to have a custom-built frame made. One day. Certainly rather that than this £22,000 monstrosity, available only from Harrods…

Finally, it's great to see Edelman UK's Andy 'Robbo' Robertson enter the blogging fray on The Naked Pheasant. Andy runs the internet and regularly hangs out with Sir Tim (honest).


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