I'm struggling to get myself a UK mobile on a contract. You'd think the operators would be biting my hands off. I use my mobile a lot…calls, texts, email and internet…and spend a fair bit of time overseas. I'm happy to pay a decent amount each month to get a load of stuff thrown in and I'll sign up for a good length of time too. I'm good for the cash. Frankly, though I say it myself, I'd be a fantastic customer.

The problem is, I live in France. But I want a UK mobile number. I have a UK bank account, but the fact that it's registered to a French address makes it useless (so I was told, just now, by a lady in the O2 shop). My UK credit card is also linked to my French address. The problem relates to the ability to credit check me apparently. And I was told in the Orange shop (Orange ffs! It's a French company) that this doesn't relate to the contract itself, but relates to the value of the handset they'd give me free with the contract. So I said I'd happily buy a handset full price if they'd stick it on a contract for me. No go.

This strikes me as utterly ridiculous. I'm desperate to give someone about £40 a month for the next couple of years at least in exchange for a decent mobile phone with a UK number. Is that unreasonable? Anyone got a solution?

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