Wired US: New rules for highly evolved humans…brilliant

My colleague Noor (@SpaceNK) returned to the office today from a flying visit to the US and immediately thrust the latest copy of Wired (the US version) into my hands, "you have to read this…it's hilarious."

She was referring to the cover story; 14 pages of genius advice on how to deal with modern-day predicaments, such as 'never broadcast your relationship status', 'friend your boss but not your boss's boss. Follow them both on Twitter', 'don't lie with your Facebook photo', 'don't send e-cards', 'turn off "sent from my iPhone" email signatures'…there's even a lovely flowchart guide to choosing the right ringtone. Brad Pitt offers additional advice in his Inglorious Basterds guise as seen in this picture on the cover, wearing his 'ear mullet' (caption: 'Rule No. 52 Ditch the headset. He can barely pull it off – and you are not him.')

It is, as Noor says, hilarious and well worth searching out. Or see it online.

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