All’s well with kids online

Despite Dan's inability to spell its name correctly, even though it's an Edelman client (forgive him, he's new…), I think the list from Symantec of search terms used by kids online is quite encouraging (though there's no way of telling how old the kids were specifically).

Sure, some people might be aghast that 'sex' and 'porn' appear in the top 10, that 'boobs' comes in at number 28 (kids say 'boobs'? Brilliant!), 'pussy' at 72, 'naked girls' at 86, and 'Playboy' at 93, but how much has it really changed over the years? 

I know that all of those search terms were certainly running through my mind as a teenager.


2 thoughts on “All’s well with kids online”

  1. Louis and Jody’s cousins were being careful not to get too wet at the beach yesterday. The 12 year old boy wouldn’t get his beige shorts wet because he didn’t want people to see his “winky” through them and his ten year old sister kept her T-shirt on because she didn’t want to reveal her “booby-ana”.

    Kids and content. Priceless.

  2. To be fair to the 12 year old though mate, who puts their kid in beige shorts? I’m surprised he got out of the car.

    ‘Booby-ana’ though. Lovely.

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