Palin into insignificance?

I can’t resist a decent pun, can you?

I’m in the US at the moment and, as you’d expect, the news is absolutely dominated by the Presidential race. This week, it’s the Republicans turn to gather and whoop a lot (though I think they’re less of the whoopy types than the Democrats).

All attention right now is on this lady, Sarah Palin, McCain’s choice as Vice-Presidential running mate. Everyone seems a bit down on her, ’cause her teenage daughter’s up the duff and not married and there’s a suspicion that being Governor of Alaska might not be the most thorough preparation for standing next to the guy with his finger on the button (which, luckily – or perhaps not – is a single-handed job).

She has got other experience of being number two though. In 1984, she was runner up in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant! I have visions of Miss Alaska 1984 sitting bitterly in front of the TV this week…”I beat her back then…I should be running for President.” (Actually, the winner in 1984 was Maryline Blackburn, who’s now making shocking records.)

I digress.

I was astonished to see a news item on CNN this morning highlighting the difficulty Sarah Palin is causing Americans. Not difficulty in supporting her position on US action in Iraq, or how to solve the housing crisis, you understand. No, the difficulty they’re having in pronouncing her name.

What?! It’s Sarah flamin’ Palin for God’s sake. How hard is that?

Well, CNN replied, quite. And then presented a number of case studies. “Parlin”…”Praline”…”Paylen”…WTF?

Clearly those of us brought up on Monty Python have a clear advantage in the Palin pronunciation stakes, but even so…

8 thoughts on “Palin into insignificance?”

  1. Most surprising wasn’t that she didn’t know what the job of the VP was supposed to be – but that she was so naive to actually TELL people she didn’t know what the job was supposed to be.

    It sort of feels like they picked Chance the Gardener from ‘Being There’ – he is so sheltered from the world that he says exactly what he thinks, as well as uttering platitudes from TV – and everyone thinks he’s some sort of genius.

    Personally my dream ticket would be a 3-way with Arnie the Governator, Mrs Palin and Jesse Ventura (ex-Govenor of Minnesota and prior to that a WWE Wrestler called ‘The Body’). That way we cut out the middlemen (i.e. politicians) and move straight to the entertainment, which is what US Politics seems to be about.

    Or alternatively, an entire political ticket based on the spouses/partners of the Monty Python team.

    Enjoy Seattle.


  2. While she’s Palin into insignificance, I bet Obama’s running mate is just sitting back, Biden his time and waiting for the race to really hot up. The Barrack aide can become a real obstacle to the Republican’s desire to re-enter the White House. Although when the chips are down and things get hot, McCain’s your man.


  3. As both a python fan and student of native Alaskan matters, you should know that Palin is an ancient Inuit name with over fifty different variations in pronunciation. It means, of course, Scarier than the Bear She is Sitting on.

  4. You’re right Steve, she is one scary mother.

    The one I feel sorry for is that young man who had to tell her that he’d got her daughter up the spout! So she drags him onto the stage at the conference and makes himhold hands with her. He looked utterly terrified.

    It’s like a Doctor Pepper ad. One minute he’s enjoying a drunken fumble in the freezing wilds of Alaska, the next he’s betrothed and on telly in front of millions! Poor bugger. I hope it was worth it.

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