del.jpgAfter all, they’re both $7.  It’s difficult to decide.

Jason at the office pointed me to something called The Big Word Project this morning (via this blog).

It’s the brainchild of a couple of students from Northern Ireland who, the site tells us, “are exploring what different words mean to different people”.  This is how they’re doing it:

“The project allows you to purchase a word from our list to represent your site. Your site will then represent this word in our list and when people click on it, they will be taken to your site. The project is aimed at changing definitions and creating a new tapestry of words, meaning altogether different things.”

Words cost $1 per letter.  So, were I to buy the words ‘con’ and ‘trick’ I’d pay Paddy and Lee $8, for which I’d receive two links from their homepage to websites of my choice.  They claim that I’d then be redefining the meaning of the words ‘con’ and ‘trick’.  They’d no longer relate to unscrupulous people using the gullibility of others for financial gain.  Oh no, they be defined by my websites.  Of course they would.

There are currently 697 active words, so I reckon the boys are about $3,000 up at the moment. 

And that’s assuming the PayPal payment’s entirely legitimate…screen looks odd to me.