holymoly220.jpgI see in Media Guardian this morning that Holy Moly – the not quite as a good as Popbitch purveyor of filthy celeb gossip – has decided to stop using certain paparazzi pictures because, “both reader and the publisher alike are getting a bit uneasy about it all…”

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing.  In fact if the world’s paparazzi was enticed onto an old oil tanker by a promise of a glimpse of Matt Damon’s pecker before the deception was revealed, the ship holed and all aboard sent to the bottom of the ocean, it might be regarded as a positive thing for the planet (clearly I’m disregarding the environmental impact of a rusty old tanker sinking.  I would recommend a thorough cleaning first…Cilit Bang should do the trick).

But when you raison d’etre is dealing in salacious celeb gossip, surely this is biting the hand that feeds?  Though presumably there’s a perceived moral line between the written word and pictures.  The anonymous creator of Holy Moly said, “It’s not funny anymore and to get any sort of pleasure out of it feels a bit seedy.” 

Was he talking about the pictures or his website?

Maybe it’s time for Holy Moly to go up in holy smoke.