Sore arses and other ailments

tweedcc_web.jpgLast year my old mate Mark and I decided that we needed to undertake a grand physical challenge while we were both still in our 30s.  We decided that – as we did when we were at school together – it’d be a good idea to cycle from Mark’s house to mine.  We grew up in Hertfordshire, and the distance from Codicote to St. Ippolyts was about 10km.  In fact I imagine it still is.

The distance from Wimbledon – where Mark now lives – to my house in France is about 750km, depending on the Channel crossing you take.  It’s unlikely that I’ll be back by teatime.

Still, a challenge is a challenge and we’re doing it.  Not only that, but we’re going past my house and all the way down to St. Emilion, which seemed like a suitable place to collapse.  We’re starting on May 2nd and should arrive on May 6th.  We’ve even managed to convince some similarly middle-aged friends to come along too.  In all, there’ll be 10 of us hauling our generous backsides onto the unforgiving saddles of road-racing machinery of varying quality and vintage.  Should be quite some sight.

It’s all for charity of course.  Our headline beneficiary is NCH, and a very worthy one it is too.  Ken Deeks gave a moving speech about NCH’s work at The Flackenhack Awards last year and I can’t think of a better cause for which to be riding.

You can sponsor me here personally (all contributions very gratefully received) and if you represent a company and feel that having your logo stretched across ten slow-moving arses would be good for business, then I’d love to hear from you.  There’ll be room for the biggest of logos, I assure you.

Oh, I’m also after the loan of a van for a week.  Long-wheelbase Transit size.  Ta.

5 thoughts on “Sore arses and other ailments”

  1. I hope you’ll be cycling in the true Gallic way by stopping off every few miles for a fag and a tiny little tar-like coffee?

  2. Better than that…I’m planning on a stripey t-shirt and a string of onions…

    Thanks for the sponsorship – very kind indeed.

  3. Better than that…I’m planning on a stripey t-shirt and a string of onions…

    Thanks for the sponsorship – very kind indeed.

  4. Now here you are old bean – it’s taken me a while to track you down after you so abruptly upped sticks and left your excellent wine doodah.

    I must say all this talk about sore arses and stopping for a fag reminds me of trip I took around the greek islands well on 22 years ago….ah the heady scent of Ouzo and Olive groves…but enough of me…well done on proposing this excellent adventure – I will of course offer sponsorship..and as they say in Stuttgart “Some days, it’s just not worth it to chew through the leather straps”!

  5. If you attach a keyboard to your handlebars you can Twitter whilst you keep the pedals tapping along. That way you can keep all of us, the smug office drones, smiling with regular updates like, “Lance never seemed to find it this hard!” or, “Just started chafing and I’ve all out of Vaseline…”

    It’s a thought, non?

    Seriously though, good work, I’m entirely impressed.

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