In search of the fairer Twitterer

I’ve been Twittering for a week now.  It’s been OK.  Quite entertaining.  That’ll wear off I expect.  Or perhaps not, as I’ve realised the compelling thing about Twitter is that it’s just so damn easy.  Like blogging but without the thought or effort.  I can see why people like it.

I am following 19 other people’s Twits (I think the official term might be Tweet, but I like Twit so much better) and have 10 people following mine.  Clearly there’s some overlap in these two groups.  In fact, in the Venn diagram of my Twitter universe, the circle containing my followers sits entirely within the circumference of the one containing my followees.  I realise that true Twitting power comes when the reverse is the case.  I am never likely to attain that.

The thing that struck me is that all those people that I’m following are male.  Not a girl among them.  Obviously 19 isn’t the biggest sample but looking at some of the other Twitterers with which I’m linked, there don’t seem to be many women around.

It might be, of course, that they have better things to do with their time.  Or perhaps that they’re generally later adopters of the latest geek porn…but then Twitters been around for a while now, hasn’t it?

Some might say that asking a member of the fairer sex to say anything in fewer than 140 characters is nigh on impossible (I wouldn’t, of course).

5 thoughts on “In search of the fairer Twitterer”

  1. I’ll be honest, I still don’t ‘get’ Twitter. It seems to indicate that we’re all interested in the minutae of each other’s lives, and just points out how dull our own lives are.

    Maybe women don’t want to be reminded of that, or if they do have an interesting life, that tends to mean that they don’t have time to twitter on about it?

  2. I know where you’re coming from Simon. I was very much the same, before I found Twitterlightenment. Now I’m something of a convert – though I’m not a nutter or anything.

    Seriously though, in the week that I’ve been on Twitter, a couple of opportunities to catch up with people have presented themselves that wouldn’t have otherwise done so, purely by the fact that Twitter allowed me to see that they were going to be in roughly the same physical location as I was.

    Down the line, of course, you’ll be able to track your friends/family/contacts by GPS and get an alert (or warning perhaps?) when they get within half a mile.

    I also find it handy to know when people are out so that I can burgle their houses.

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