My week in media

pfd1575lightning-mcqueen-posters.jpgI’ve been tagged.  I think it’s the first time.  It’s the “my week in media” thing that’s floating around.  Wadd’s tagged me and I feel that I need to respond, if only to point out that he’s spelt my name incorrectly.  I’m meeting him for breakfast next week so I’ll slap his legs then. 

Anyway, here goes:

What I’ve read: I whistled through the autobiography of Alex James over the break.  It’s a lovely read.  Rock star excess but with an awareness that makes it quite charming.  Plus he uses a whole page to describe the wonderful cheese baguettes from the bar at La Rochelle airport which, as it’s my local, I can vouch for.  I’ve just started Duncan Hamilton’s book about Brian Clough, and the first couple of chapters are very promising.  I also managed to work my way through the special Christmas double issue of The Economist.

What I’ve listened to:  I had my classic little music player on random play and docked in the kitchen for the entire Festive Season, so we enjoyed a right mixed bag of tunes (and it has also resulted in my mum becoming a firm Foo Fighters fan).  I’ve been quite enjoying the Radio 1 Established 1967 album, The Gossip’s cover of Careless Whisper being a particular favourite.  Other than that, my eardrums have generally been filled with the sound of screaming kids.

What I’ve watched:  Despite the previous post about my nostalgia-driven purchase of the Christmas double issue of The Radio Times, the consensus has been that TV over the break was rubbish.  I can’t think of much that stood out, though I was pleased to catch The Terminal, a film that I’d wanted to see for ages and provided a very pleasant couple of hours.  Kids in bed, fire in the hearth and a bottle of wine…that sort of thing.  I’ve also watched all or part of Cars about a million times with my little boy.

What I’ve surfed:  I haven’t spent a huge amount of time online in the last week or two.  The odd flick through my feeds to catch up on news and sport is about the measure of it.  I’ve also been sorting out a few logistics for the London to St-Emilion charity cycle ride I’m organising for this coming May.  But more of that soon.

Has anyone tagged James Warren yet?  Consider it done.

2 thoughts on “My week in media”

  1. Sorry about the screaming kids. Will hit them less hard next time. Or at the very least gag them. I have posted my ‘media month’ nonsense on my blog. Was tempted to add a ‘What I drank’ section – now that would have been worth reading…

  2. Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I love screaming kids. Wouldn’t have it any other way. In any case, I’ve yet to find a way of thrashing the little blighters without them screaming.

    I too thought about a ‘What I’ve drank’ section, but thought I might look a bit bad. Plus, I can’t remember it all.

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