colu_a-4949_nl.jpgThis Christmas, I’m a bit stuck for a present.

I’m now starting to feel Christmassy.  It began this morning, when David Brain posted about The Two Ronnies.  I watched the Four Candles sketch, then the Mastermind one, then Swear Box, Hieroglyphics, Crossed Lines, Opticians…and before I knew it, I’d built myself a Christmas special.  Brilliant stuff.

Then I decided to wrap up all the presents, which I always enjoy.  I used to enjoy it more when we lived in the UK, purely due to the fact that French wrapping paper is of exceptionally poor quality.  It simply can’t withstand the moderately sharp corners of a box of Lego (don’t worry, the little guy doesn’t real the blog) and is semi-transparent.  Still, nice to get it all done and pressies tucked under the tree (which is currently sitting on top of a three-foot high table on account of the puppies).

Then – would you believe it – the chimney sweep turned up!  How Christmassy is that?  It was like Mary Poppins.

So I’m getting in the spirit of things.  The kids will be home from their last day at school in a little while, having met Pere Noel this afternoon (played by our village mayor) so they’ll be very excited.  It’s great to have a long weekend before Christmas day so we can get out and about a bit.  Lots of the local towns round this way are putting on special Christmas markets and I plan to get well stocked up on some lovely French grub and fantastic wine ready for an indulgent few days.

It’s been a funny old year 2007 – good, interesting, I’ve learnt a lot – and I’ve lined up a few very interesting challenges for 2008, but more of those later.  I’m excited though.

I hope you and yours have a great Christmas break and wish you all a healthy and happy New Year.