James Bond’s motor

img12.jpgNot the Ford Mondeo so comically ‘placed’ in Casino Royale…the other one.  The Aston Martin with the defibrillator in the glove compartment (so much handier than the Werther’s Originals in mine…).  The one he crashed.  Aston Martin decided to launch the same car (minus any Q-branch gadgets, obviously) and it’s called the DBS.

I’ve just been reading the first report of the production version on the rather wonderful (if you’re a bit of a car lover like me) Classic Driver website.  If you do like your cars – particularly old ones – then I urge you to register for the weekly Classic Inside newsletter.  It always arrives on a Friday and is brilliant daydream material.

I’d been a bit worried about the DBS since the first shots of it were released.  To me it just looked like a DB9 that had been pimped…all bodykit, special alloys and air vents.  Sadly, the Classic Driver report and pictures hasn’t allayed my fears – it still looks too much like a DB9 with bits.  The DB9 is a beautiful car.  The DBS looks more aggressive, sure, but if I want an aggressive looking Aston (I’d take any, to be fair) then I’ll have a Vanquish (with a manual gearbox, ta).

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