In a nutshell…

untitledHello. I’m Mark. I wanted to control my own URL, so here we are. As you’ve been so kind to turn up, I may as well tell you a bit about myself.

Professionally, I’m managing director of the European operation of The Hoffman Agency, a technology PR and communications consultancy. For more detail you can have a look at my LinkedIn profile, and my (very) infrequent ramblings about random stuff on Another Flamin’ Blog. You can find my Twitter profile here,¬†though the social network I use most frequently these days is Instagram. You can find my personal profile on Facebook (though I’ll only friend you if you’re a friend in the real world I’m afraid).

That’ll probably do for now. Feel free to get in touch…mark (dot) pinsent (at) gmail (dot) com is a good place to start.

Thanks for popping by.