Me in 60 seconds…

Hello. I’m Mark.

Professionally, I’m managing director of the London office of marketing consultancy Metia. For more detail you can have a look at my LinkedIn profile, my (very) infrequent ramblings about random stuff on Another Flamin’ Blog and equally sporadic posts about social business stuff on Once more, with meaning. You can find my Twitter profile here, though the social network I use most frequently these days is Instagram.

You can find my personal profile on Facebook (though I’ll only friend you if you’re a friend in the real world I’m afraid). In my spare time, amongst other things, I’m quite a keen cyclist. For a number of years, I’ve ridden with bunch of friends, Les Veloistes Gentils, and you can read about or exploits here.

That’s probably about all you need to know for now. Feel free to get in touch…mark (dot) pinsent (at) gmail (dot) com is a good place to start.

Thanks for popping by.